Colton turns one on Thursday, but it seems like he’s already one since we threw him a party with all of this friends in attendance this past weekend.

Waving to his adoring public.

I wanted to do some sort of over-all theme, but I also wanted to do something that was simple, easy and didn’t break the bank. And then I fell in love with some simple monogrammed cupcake toppers, and the theme was set – “C.”

Simple and sweet! I slpurged on that candle, but I fell in love with it!

Along with the cupcakes I had my chalk board plate with a candle in the shape of a one, goodie bags, and all of Colton’s monthly photos. Since he wasn’t officially one yet, I just subbed in one of the fabulous photos Caroline took.

Putting all my chalckboard paint to good use!

I used the cardboard from the cupcake stand package to make a chalkboard sign for the door since it already had a nice hole in it for hanging. I can’t wait to use this again for something else!

Colton's birthday banner with his gifts from his wonderful friends.

I made Colton’s birthday banner totally with felt. The letters are ironed on with Heat n’ Bond, and the individual squares were made into pockets and then sewn about a half an inch in all around. The cutting was a bit time consuming, but it really was quite simple to make; I plan on using it for lots of birthdays to come.


The most inexpensive and impactful  were the paper C’s hanging over the dining room table. Five sheets of paper, thread, tape, scissors and a couple of nap times spent cutting and hanging were all it took. I also used a “c” stamp on the bottom 6 inches of the paper table cloth to further drive home the theme. Plus, all the food started with the letter c – cherry tomato, celery, cucumber, carrot, croissants, chicken salad, cheese, crackers, cantaloup, and cheerios!

Colton was a begrudging cake eater. It took us a long time to convince him to try it, and finally had success when we let him hold a fork and fed him with one as well. He ate about a third of his cupcake, but seemed less than enthused about it.

We hung balloons up outside and the birthday boy had a great time playing with them.

Yes, this is the only picture of us together from the whole day.

Special thanks to Sarah for giving me this shirt from her “free clothes to a good home” pile. I love it!