Over the weekend, Colton and I took a trip to Richmond to hang out with Sarah, Caroline and Joseph (and the respective husbands/fathers). After a drive with some minor hiccups (pulling over on the side of the interstate due to vomit after someone decided they really hated their carseat, a stop to clean up and calm down, and some very serious rain), we made it to Sarah’s house! Caroline and Joseph arrived shortly thereafter, and we had a very tasty dinner, cooked by Sarah’s husband, Rob. Then, Colton and Joseph enjoyed a nice bath together.

Colton never hangs out with other boy babies, so I think hanging out with Joseph was a new experience for him. They seemed to grow on each other too, especially during Mass Sunday!

Saturday, we were up and ready for the Goodwill Outlet! (We did hit a few yard sales prior, but the pickings were slim.)

Check out those prices!

At the Goodwill Outlet, everything that didn’t sell in a certain time period in Goodwill stores is put in bins and you simply dig through them to see if you can find something worthwhile. It may be hard work, but the prices make it worth it. I came home with two long-sleeved shirts, a reversible puffy vest, overalls and a large plastic firetruck for Colton, and five books for $4.58.

Searching for great things!

We also went to another Goodwill, which was much more like a retail store than the outlet store. Alas, I only found an orange t-shirt from J. Crew (I needed it, but more finds would have been okay by me!).

Of course, in between our trips we had to break for baby naps.

Thrifting is hard work!

And play breaks. Sometimes thrifting is boring for little boys, after all.

I’m very happy to report that Colton fell deeply and madly in love with Sarah almost from the moment we walked into her house. He loved playing with her!

Colton loved playing the "I lay my head down, you lay your head down too" game.

He would also get upset when she left the room or played with Joseph.

See the arm? That arm says "This is MY Sarah. Hands off."

I had a FANTASTIC time eating Rob’s tasty food and hanging out with Sarah and Caroline. And Colton had a blast with them and Joseph!

Colton and Joseph dancing on the sofa.

Caroline, as always, took  fantastic pictures of the weekend (all of these pictures are hers) and of Colton, which I will be sharing with you later. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to have her take your pictures, jump on it!

Thanks for a wonderful weekend ladies; I can’t wait for the Yard Crawl!