Alternately titled: How to Keep an 11 Month Old Still

Working title: Dear, Sweet, Jesus Hold Me Because the Pre-Toddler Stage is Killing Me


All phases of a baby’s life have challenges, and each have wonderful things about them as well. With a newborn, you’re sleep deprived, but you’re baby is here, and snuggly, and cute and tiny. Personally, I loved the 6-7 month phase, where Colton had a distinct personality, was not mobile, talked, laughed, etc. But, we dealt with quite a bit of crying because he was frustrated he couldn’t do things he wanted to, but didn’t want help to do them either.

But, let me tell you, the pre-toddler stage is going to do me in. Colton is terribly, terrifically cute and sweet, but every five seconds I say, “No, no Colton. That’s not for you. Colton, where are you going? Get back here Colton! No, we do not eat trash Colton. Did you just stick that piece of cheese in your ear? Do NOT chew on the phone charger Colton! Colton, I need you to stay where Mommy can see you!” Sometimes, I really just want him to be still and safe for five minutes! Of course, naps are shorter and less frequent these days too, so I need time during the day to get a few things done too. Again, hard to do when you have to keep your pre-toddler out of something every five seconds.

So, yesterday, I devised a plan. We were going to play in our booster seat in the kitchen, and I had a great idea – shaving cream! We grabbed Daddy’s shaving scream, I sprayed some on the tray, and, instant fun!

Fun, right? Wrong. Shaving cream is not meant for children, and really shouldn’t be eaten. So unless your 11 month old doesn’t love sticking things in their mouth, this is not the fun thing for you. And it wasn’t for Colton either.

Someone was NOT happy to be told "no."

Of course, the happy playing lasted only about as long as it took me to take nine photos, so we needed something else to do. After a quick rinse of the tray, I broke out the rice!

I currently have three bags of rice in my cupboard, plus rice is relatively inexpensive, so it was a great thing to play with.  It did get a little messy though.

Hey, where'd all my rice go?

Not to worry about the mess though! Once Colton was a little bored with the rice on his tray, I tossed it into a small Tupperware container and made a shaker!

Once Colton was happily occupied with his shaker, I vacuumed up the rice he dropped, plus the rest of the kitchen. Since the floors needed to be vacuumed anyway, this was no extra trouble for me. Score one for Mom!

A Coke bottle paired with the shaker gave me enough time to wipe down all my counter tops, put away my clean dishes, and do one or two other random kitchen chores. And, I didn’t have to worry about my sweet boy pinching his fingers in a drawer, pulling a chair on top on himself, pulling out a plug over, attempting to eat the camera battery charger, and all sorts of other stuff.

All-in-all, I think the total chair playtime was about 30 to 45 minutes long, which is pretty great if you ask me. An added bonus?

My little Thriller baby.

Snapping this awesome photo.


Even though I came up with a great way to help cope with part of the pre-toddler craziness, I still need lots of help! Any words of wisdom for dealing with a pre-toddler? Especially a finicky eater? Help me before my pre-toddler eats me alive!