I don’t subscribe to Southern Living, but I made a point last night of picking up the June, 2011 issue. Why? The home featured on the cover was designed by my father!

Colton read the artical and found it quite excellent!

The article on the house is on page  70, and only mentions my dad a few times, but rest assured, he worked hard to make this house look as fabulous as it does! I mean, just check out the kitchen:

Even in my poor photo of the magazine, isn't it awesome?

I love the kitchen, with the two-story tall ceiling, and the home has already won design awards, deservedly so, if you ask me. Make sure you run out and snag your copy and check out all the amazing details in this house (the interiors, not done by my dad are pretty stellar too)! And, if you’re interested, you can check out more pictures of the exterior here, and a few more shots of the kitchen here.