Buddy, can you believe you are 11 months old!? Mama can’t!

You have gotten soo big in the past month. Last month you were just trying to figure out crawling, now you crawl everywhere! You don’t crawl on both knees though, but drag one leg underneath you. I can hear the distinctive sound of your crawl from anywhere in the house: the slap of your hands hitting the ground and then the swish of your leg dragging underneath you. You’ve also started pulling yourself up consistently and have really been enjoying cruising around your play table and all the furniture you can reach. I really think you prefer this to crawling!

Anything is good for pulling up!

Now that you’re crawling, you’ve found your favorite room in the house – the bathroom. You like playing with the shower curtain, pulling up on the tub, trying to get into the trash and playing with the plunger.

Your enjoyment and love of books has also greatly increased since last month. You love Pat the Bunny and know how to do all of the actions in the book. Of course, turning the pages is your favorite! You also enjoy Bubbles Bubbles, That’s Not my Puppy, and Where is Baby’s Belly Button?, you are especially enjoying lift-the-flap books.

This past month you also received your first kiss from your friend Jenna (in Barnes and Noble!) and stayed with your Nona and Popa while your Dad and I spent the night in a hotel. You were better for them than you are for us!

You are getting to be such a big boy buddy and I can’t believe your first birthday party is less than a month away!

Love you Buddy!