This year was my very first “official” Mother’s Day, which means it was the first Mother’s Day I carried a baby around outside my body. Last Mother’s Day, I looked something like this:

At any rate, I wasn’t expecting much for the day, mostly because my Mother’s Day present (a cover for my e-reader) had already arrived and was in use, and because, growing up, my family was never one to make a big deal over Mother’s Day. The general reasoning behind that was, I suppose, the fact that we were expected to help, appreciate, and respect our mother all year round. I’m sure it had nothing to do with me burning the pancake pan in an attempt to make my parents breakfast in bed when I was ten.

Me, Mom, and Colton

Me, Mom and Colton

Not to mention the fact that my parents were here to celebrate my dad’s birthday, my birthday, and Mother’s Day. So, even though we had cake, it was leftover birthday cake. And frankly, that suits me just fine.

This is what I looked like this Mother's Day. Substantially better, I think.

My mom may have gotten the shortest end of the Mother’s Day stick this year, as she baked the birthday cake, babysat overnight, cleaned my house (yes, I love my mom!), and then had to drive five hours to her in-laws. Colton gave her some baby-love too, so I’m hoping that made up for it.

The best part of Mother’s Day was Colton’s baby dedication. This is held every Mother’s Day at our church, and all of the participating babies and parents walk across the stage, talk to our Pastor and Children’s Pastor, receive a Children’s Bible, and then are all prayed for.

Checking out his new Bible.

My whole goal for this time was to keep the baby happy, and, since the baby is in to standing up and cruising, that meant letting him get down during the prayer.

Check me out!

Woah! A little help here!

Okay, I'm done now. Let's go!