I think I may have mentioned we’ve been having some sleep problems for a little while. Back in February, Colton had a cold, ear infection, and was teething; the only way we could get him to sleep was in the bed with us, so in the bed with us he went. I don’t regret doing that, because he needed that then, but we let it go one longer than we should.

Now, the habit is set: wake up, cry, Mom gets baby, baby snuggles Mom, baby sleeps, no one else really does.

So now, we get to let him cry it out in the middle of the night!

I know this is what he needs, and I know the problem is us. When my mom babysat Friday night, he woke up, but she rocked him for a minute, laid him back down, and poof! he was back asleep.

We started this process last night, and Colton cried for over an hour. First for 20 minutes after I went in for the first time, 30 minutes after the second, and probably around another 30 before we all finally fell asleep. And when I say “all,” I really mean Hubby and the Baby. I was so stressed from hearing him cry, and had a headache, I couldn’t sleep.

And, of course, Colton decided 5:30 am was a great time to wake up after all of his nightly shenanigans.

The upside is that I know this is what he needs, and I know it will get better. But for now, I’m going to bed at 8 PM.