Last night, Hubby and I hired our first non-family, non-church event babysitter, and went out on a date! You may remember he gave me tickets to see Cirque du Soleil, something I had wanted to see for years. So we got our baby a sitter, and headed out.

If you EVER get a chance to go see Cirque du Soleil, GO! Honestly, about the only word that came out of my mouth for the two and a half hour show was, “wow” or “oh! wow!” or “wowwowwowwowwow!” It was just incredible. Every single person in that show is incredibly talented and incredibly athletic, and have no idea how some of the things they did are physically possible. Especially since I did push-ups yesterday and my arms hurt from just that. The aerial artists had sixteen packs – they were like one big muscle – just, wow!

I was worried when we arrived because our seats were on the far side of the stage, so we would watch everything from the side rather than straight on. And, while I do think we lost some of the awesomeness by not having as good depth perception, I must say they did a great job of playing to all the seats. Also, some of the acts, like the contortionists, were on a section of the stage that would rotate, so everyone got to see what they were doing from all angles. The other thing I really enjoyed were the clown sketches that involved audience members; I thought they were even funnier than what just the clowns did, and really brought the audience into the show.

Seriously. Cannot say enough good things about this show. Love, love, love.

And love the Hubs for remembering how much I’ve wanted to see it and making it possible.