Right now, there are several things that I adore (or am maybe borderline obsessed with). They include:

  • CoverGirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisture – I love this for days I’m just going to be around the house or run to the store. It’s easy to put on, gives pretty good coverage and has SPF 15 sunscreen built in. It has revolutionized my make-up life.
  • Luna Bars with Protein – I don’t eat lunch until 2 o’clock. This is insane, but I just love sitting down and eating while Colton’s napping, so I have a nice 11:30 snack and I’m good to go! These bars are perfect because they’re chocolatey and tasty, easy to eat one-handed while doing other things, keep me full, and off-limits to Hubby because they’re just for women!
  • Potato and Ham Soup – All other soup recipes pale in comparison to this one. It meets all my cooking requirements too: delicious, easy, quick, and not a lot of clean up.
  • Strawberries.
  • My new e-reader! (more on this later, but after only one day with it, I am a big fan.)
  • Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.