You are ten months old now! This past month you have had lots of firsts. First, your very first tooth came through, followed by your second about a week and a half later. You also went on your first vacation to Tennessee, where you figured out how to get yourself into a sitting position, went swimming for the first time, and went to your first aquarium. You’ve also learned how to pull yourself up on some things, but you still only have a few things you can successfully pull up on. You’ve also been trying to figure out how to crawl. You’ll get up on one knee and one foot, rock forward a few times, and then fall to your stomach. You’re trying so hard! The day before you turned ten months, you signed “more” for the very first time. So far, you’ve only done it once to indicate that you do want more, but you will sign it when I ask you to show me the sign for more, and just randomly.

This past month you’ve really started to enjoy books and will sit on the floor and “read” independently happily. When you read “That’s Not My Puppy,” you know all the places to touch to feel the different textures. You also really like to read your animal book; you turn the pages and smile and point to the different animals.

You still haven’t been sleeping well, and the past few days have been crying and screaming when I put you down for a nap. We lowered your bed, but you can still pull up and will stand there and cry, waiting for me to come get you. I think you are starting to remember that you need to sleep when I lay you down now.

Getting your picture this month was also a little tough – you were much more interested in launching yourself off your chair and playing with your bear than you were in smiling for the camera!

I love you lots and lots mister!