My birthday is coming up, and Hubby has asked me what I think I might like. I had no idea, until I went to church yesterday. The girl I sat next to in Sunday School was using her Kindle when we looked up scripture. I took a peek, and it really did look like reading a book, not a computer screen, which is one of my biggest fears about the Kindle. So maybe I want one for myself?

I can see several advantages to having one; mainly that it is so slim and would be easy to transport. But I still have several concerns. First, would I be able to check out books for the Kindle like I can at the library? I love that I can read so many books with no cost, and sort of think that the cost of my reading would actually go up if I had a Kindle. Secondly (and most importantly), would I feel like a traitor to books? For me, there is something wonderful about reading an actual book. I love holding books, seeing how far I’ve progressed in reading, the smell of books, the way the sound when you open them. Obviously, the Kindle is not going to be able to recreate this. But how much will I miss this? Help!