I’m a terrible blogger. There was some exciting stuff happening on our little street earlier this week, and I didn’t blog about it.

Wanna guess what it was?

You’ll never guess.

So, I’ll just tell you.

Our next door neighbor was on Martha Stewart. (Did you guess?)

We don’t get the Hallmark channel, so I don’t watch Martha’s show, but if you do, you may have noticed she has a contest called ReMARTHAble, where contests send in things they do/make that make them “the Martha Stewart of their family.”

Well, my neighbor entered, and not only was she featured in a show with a picture of herself and the animals she felts, but she found out that she’s a finalist in the contest.

So Sunday morning Martha’s peeps whisked her away to New York, and Monday she demonstrated her craft like a pro. You can check out the instructions on how to make these adorable rattle animals and watch her demo on Martha’s Website.

Check out the comments – someone wants to know if she has a book! My neighbor is famous! And she made Colton one of her adorable creations!

Aren't they both cute?

The only downside to all of this? She’ll probably become so famous she’ll have to move. Bummer ’cause she’s a great neighbor.