One day, I’m going to learn that I should leave all DIY-ing to the Hubs. Or, I’m going to become really awesome at DIY-ing. The jury’s still out. (Actually, this really didn’t turn out that badly, but I don’t have the most stellar track record.)

I saw a recipe for making your own finger paint, and decided to try it out. It seemed simple enough, and this, plus water, were all I needed:

If you want to make your own finger paint, and decide to use this recipe, here are the modifications I would suggest:

  1. Whisk, do not stir, your mixture. It took 15+ minutes for me to get mine to an appropriate consistency, but I didn’t trying whisking until 10 minutes had gone by.
  2. Cook the cornstarch, sugar and water until it is thicker than you want your finger paint to end up, because the soap will thin it out a good bit.
  3. Plan to use this before you want to give your kid a bath – I found that the food coloring stained my finger, but came off after my shower.
  4. Maybe try halving the recipe if you don’t have a couple of kids who love to finger paint – this made quite a lot of finger paint, even if you made multiple colors, I can’t imagine you would use all of them in a reasonable time.

And now, for the best part, pictures!

A little uncertain; what is this stuff mom spread on my paper?

I like it, but I think my ears need a little paint.

If I smear it, it is fun!

Little Picaso.

Our masterpieces; mine is in the middle.

Oh! One other note, it does take a little while for the paint to dry, and it bleeds through regular computer paper, hence the drying in the window and the folded paper for Colton’s second painting.