Dear Buddy,

You are nine months old! I really, really can’t believe you’re already nine months; when I was pregnant, that time seemed to drag by, and now it’s just flown by. And each month, you seem more and more fun.

Recently, you figured out how to make lots of new funny faces, including fish faces, which you happily showed off to our friends at lunch one Sunday. Speaking of showing off, you are such a ham! You love smiling at anyone who pay attention to you, wherever you are. You also ham for the camera all the time; if you’re fussing and I pull out the camera, you’re instantly happy, but only for a short time.

This past month has also brought your first ear infection. You haven’t been sleeping well, and when you wake up, we’ve brought you into bed with us until you fall back asleep. Consequently, you’re Dad and I haven’t been sleeping too well lately. Still, with the exception of the day we found out you had an ear infection, you’ve mostly been your usually happy self during the day.

And your usual happy self is SO happy! You smile, laugh and talk almost all day long, and almost always go down for naps and bed without any fussing and crying. Diaper changes are pretty challenging these days though, since you want to roll over during them. I guess you’re just preparing me for my life with a son and making me practice my wrestling.

I love you buddy, wrestling and all.