The past month has just flown by and you month birthday has snuck up on me! Honestly, I can’t believe you’re already 8 months old – I feel like you’re still 6 1/2 months old! But, since we’ve gone to two of your friends’ first birthday parties this month, I’m forced to face the fact that you are quickly approaching your first birthday.

You still aren’t crawling or anything yet, but you do manage to roll back and forth, which scoots you up enough to reach what you want. However, you’d still much prefer for me to get you whatever it is you want!

One of the things I’ve noticed about your personality, especially since so many of your friends are girls, is that you are a total boy. You love pillow fights, soft balls dropped on your face, being outside, and all those things just scream boy to me. You also love to squeal, but it’s never directed at anyone as an attempt at conversation. Random noises = total boy.

Most of the time you’re a good eater, but sometimes you get tired of eating something. That’s when I break out the puffs and try to get you to open your mouth for a puff but stick the spoon in as well. You realize what I’m doing about 50% of the time, and will grab my hand with one hand, and try to cover your mouth with your other hand to keep me from sticking the spoon in.

You love to chew on your books instead of reading them, and adore playing with pieces of paper. I let you play with a kid’s menu at the restaurant, and before I had even looked at a page of my menu, you had soaked the paper and gotten a chunk off in your mouth. Daddy had to pry your mouth open and I had to fish out the piece of soggy, blue paper while you screamed and the table of old ladies behind us stared on in horror.

You are such a happy, easy going baby bud. Everywhere we go people look and you and say, “Oh! He is so happy! Is he always that happy?” Even when you’re tired, as long as you have an adoring audience, you’re as happy as a clam. I love that about you; you make being your mom so much fun.

Looking forward to another month of fun!