Do you rotate your mattress?

When Hubs and I got married, we purchased a down mattress topper. Whenever I changed our sheets, I rotated the mattress pad, but never the mattress. The mattress topper had two large body-shaped divots in it, but I never thought about the mattress becoming lumpy.

Until Christmas, when we received a new foam mattress topper, and I removed the old pad. Holy lumps! It was bad!

I knew my mom had a tried and true mattress rotation system she used for all of our beds, so when I saw her, I made sure to get the lowdown. Here’s the diagram she drew for me:

As you can see, you spend three months with the one corner in the upper right hand side of the bed, then rotate what was in the lower left to the upper right for the next three months, then flip and repeat. I’ve marked the months on the corresponding corners of my mattress in permanent marker so I won’t forget. Fortunately, I sleep on the right side of the bed, so when I make the bed I’ll be able to see if I’m in the right month or if the mattress needs flipping.

Rotating my mattress is going to prolong it’s life and make me sleep more comfortably, which make me very happy. Do you rotate your mattresses? Do you use a similar system or something entirely different?