I had really great intentions of posting this week. I was going to get back on the blogging wagon, post three times this week, and be interesting! I wasn’t going to only talk about my kid. But then…

  • We went to a Superbowl Party Sunday night, and my kid stayed up until 9 pm.
  • Monday, I hosted a playdate, and my kid took a short morning nap and refused to take an afternoon nap. And some of the playdaters stayed from 10:30 to 3:30. So time with no guests and no screaming baby was limited.
  • Tuesday, my never sleeps at Bible Study baby slept for 20 minutes at Bible Study. Apparently, he found this nap to be oh-so-refreshing and no longer needed a good afternoon nap, let alone a morning nap. Again, cue screaming, crying, “hold me Mommy” baby.
  • Finally it was Wednesday and my kid was back to his normal sleeping self. Except now I watch another baby on Wednesdays, and between the two, I had a baby awake from 6:30 am until 3:00 pm. I ate lunch at 2 and finally sat down at 3. I learned how to feed one baby solid food and another baby a bottle. It was awesomely fun (really!), but not awesomely conclusive to blogging.
  • I had a meeting Wednesday night that took up my “could have been blogging” time.
  • I was ready to blog Thursday morning, until I was hit with a wicked migraine that took me out until about 2:30. I laid on the bed from 10:20 to 11:15 – including 30 minutes where Colton was awake and ready to eat, but I just couldn’t function. Even after I fed him, he just played in his saucer while I tried not to die or puke. And when I was recovered? I had to all the things I hadn’t done earlier, like buy diapers and cook dinner and possibly *gasp* play with my child.

So, can we just pretend this week in blogging didn’t happen? I have drafts, I have ideas, I’m ready to blog!