We’re four days into February and I’m just now getting into my goals…yeah, I’m feeling the lack of motivation here. Actually, I thought about skipping goals altogether this month. I’ve been feeling like I put things on here that I know I’m going to do and things that I really have no intention of doing. So this month I’m going to try setting five, focused goals, in the hopes that I actually really get some good stuff done. What do I want to do?

  1. Memorize Galatians 6:9 So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Each month I want to memorize a Bible verse, but then don’t pick one, so it never happens. It’s time to commit before hand!
  2. Paint two picture frames for my family photo wall. I have a decent idea of what I want to do with this wall, but I need to get on it!
  3. Get more information on how Portrait Innovations works and take Colton to have a few pictures taken. A friend told me there’s no sitting fee here, and you only pay for the photos you like, so it seems worth looking into. Plus, I realized while working on the photo wall that he’s changed A LOT since his last photos. And I have a cute outfit. Do I need another excuse?
  4. Make Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings. Why? Because I can. And I want to. And I need a kick in the pants to make something different.
  5. Game Nights on Fridays. Have to pick a day, or it won’t happen, and it’s something Hubby and I both want to make a priority.

So that’s what I want to do in the next 22 days. But what did I accomplish over the last month? Well, we had some extenuating family circumstances in January, and, as a result, the letter of all my goals weren’t fulfilled, but the spirit of many of them were, so I’m counting some that I worked hard on but didn’t quite fulfill as I’d planned due to some things beyond my control:

1. Purge 111 things in my house, participating in the challenge at Word’s on Wendhurst.

2. Set a prayer time.

3. Memorize one passage of scripture not related to my Bible Study.

4. Exercise 3 times week. I missed two days during a particularly crazy week, but I’m counting this because there was no way I could have worked out more than that during that week.

5. Resist the urge to buy anything unless I remove something else from my house (exceptions made for food, formula and diapers).

6. Have friends over for dinner and games. We didn’t do this, due to some craziness, but I went over to a friend’s for dinner and chatting with lots of other ladies, so half credit?

7. Re-institute our family game night. We never picked a specific night, but we spent more time playing games together.

8. Track our spending for the month.

9. Finish my current book and read another.

10. Work on my wall of family photos. Very little actual work was done, but I think I know which frames I want to use, most of the photos and I have a general idea of the layout I’d like.

Despite having a crazy January, I did pretty well with my goals. I’m looking forward to seeing how my new, focused goals go in February!