Many months ago, I wrote about some of my favorite baby products. The babe wasn’t even two months old and honestly, he pretty much slept and ate. Most of the things I loved then were things that helped him sleep. But, now that he can sit up, hold on to things, and actually kind of play, I have a whole new set of things I’m loving. I thought I’d highlight some of them because really? why not?

Colton in his jumper.

1. Graco Bumper Jumper – Yes, you can get a free-standing jumper or exasaucer, but after much deliberation I went with one of the most basic jumpers I can find. We have a smallish house, and I didn’t want something huge taking up half my living room. Now I just have something small taking up most of a doorway, and I can easily move it if needed. This is also easy to pack to take when we visit my grandparents and will be easy to store when Colton outgrows it. Plus, he adores it. Some of his friends aren’t huge jumpers, but my child really is, so I am so glad we have this. It’s how I eat breakfast every morning.

2. Cozy Sun and Bug Cover – This is great to keep bugs off of your baby, but is also fabulous when it’s raining! It provides a light cover that keeps baby dry while you’re out. Generally, I try not to go out if it’s raining, but this folds up small enough to fit in my diaper bag so I always have it on hand in case it starts raining while we’re out.

3. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat – now that we’ve started “solids,” this gets used every morning. But, I’ve used it since Colton was maybe 3 months old. I’ve put a couple of toys on the tray for him to practice picking up and we’ve used it for coloring as well. This is adjustable to three different heights, folds flat for easy storage and travel, and straps to any chair. Small, portable, uses the chairs I already have? Yes please! The only downside to this is that it’s made of hard plastic, which wasn’t too pleasant for Colton in the beginning. I just used a blanket to make mine more comfortable, but there are similar things that have padding.

4. Bumkins Bib – Since starting solids, this bib has gotten a workout! It’s nice and big, so it does it’s clothes protecting job very well. But the best part? It’s wipeable! That means, I can use it for several feedings, just wiping it off after each use and later tossing it in the wash.

We both love sleeved bibs!

5. Bbib by Oots – This is an organic cotton bib, so it needs to be washed every couple of uses, but it has SLEEVES!! I love this because Colton likes to rub his hand over his face while eating, and this means the food doesn’t get all over his clothes.

Books a great chew toys.

6. Cloth Books – Okay, so I only have one cloth book, but I need more! Colton likes books, but he mostly likes to eat them. These are great, because he can eat them! He spat up into ours this morning, but I can just toss it in the wash – totally fabulous!

7. Cloud B Sleepsack – This was a gift, and I probably wouldn’t spend this much on a sleepsack for myself, but the weight of this is fabulous for winter here. I love the all-around zipper; I think it’s so much nicer and easier to zip than the ones that zip up the middle. I also the love the wider bottom, which I think keeps Colton’s toes warmer and makes rolling over just a tad harder (which is nice since Colton tends to cry when he wakes up on his stomach, not to mention pee out of his diaper).

I have my own phone!

8. Fisher Price Friendly Flip Phone – It didn’t take long for Colton to realize he loved my phone. Every time I pulled it out, he would try to grab it, chew on it, and press the buttons. So I got him his very own phone! As far as I could find, this is the most basic baby flip phone available. It doesn’t light up, but has three different characters it rotates between when you close and open the phone. The buttons beep when you press them, and the large button will play two songs or make a ringtone noise. Colton loves it and it’s not annoying, so it’s a win for both of us!

9. Baby Einstein Press and Play Turtle – We’ve had this since before Colton was born, but he’s just now gotten into it. When you press a hand or foot, a single instrument plays, press his stomach and the whole orchestra plays. He can make all of the instruments play now, and loves the music! The only thing I don’t like is that the violins don’t seem to be in my orchestra. I don’t know if that’s just my Turtle, or something that is common with these. Regardless, Colton likes it, so it’s a win in my book!

10. Bright Starts Peek-A-Zoom – This is one of the coolest pop-up toys I’ve been able to find. The animals each make a noise when they pop up and close, and the airplane makes take-off noises and plays music when you roll it. Colton can occasionally make the toys pop up now, but really enjoys the music and pushing the toys back down. I love that this toy has multiple uses so we can use it for longer a traditional pop up toy.

Colton’s 10 favorite things at the moment. Besides playing with the fringed pillow on my bed. Or receipts. Or junk mail. Or plastic bags. Why do I keep getting this kid toys?