As promised, this past week I tackled the baby clothes as part of the 111 Things in 1/11 challenge at Words on Wendhurst. It was harder than I thought and I honestly didn’t get rid of too much. Here’s what I did manage to clear out though:

That’s two baby blankets, three pairs of baby mittens (we NEVER used these), a SwaddleMe, and a random assortment of clothes, for a total of 20 baby things.

I also got rid of a puzzle, a shirt and another bra that failed it’s trial period. In the basement, I went through my non-matching socks, and found three matches(!!), and 6 socks without matches. I also threw out 3 random, gross t-shirts. Hopefully the Hubs won’t find them in the trash and attempt to rescue them.

In an attempt to pare down my dishtowels, since all of the ones I own don’t fit in their designated drawer, I got rid of three dishtowels. I also threw out one gross potholder and replaced it with a new potholder I’d been storing in the dishtowel drawer.

That’s a total of 34 for things for this week! That brings my total towards the challenge to 95. I hope to tackle the desk this coming week, and I’m sure I can find at least 16 things to get rid of there – I can almost taste the success!