Dear Buddy,

Today it happened. You’re more than half a month old. Where has the time gone – the past month has flown by!

In your sixth month, you saw your first Christmas. You had a wonderful time playing with all your wrapping and tissue paper. Even after Christmas, you still try to grab any piece of paper or napkin you can. Speaking of grabbing, when we went to your friend Jenna’s first birthday party yesterday, you grabbed a handful of my cupcake. Seems like you’ll have no problem diving right in five months from now.

Recently, you’ve started making “ba,” “wa,” and “ma” sounds, and when you “talk” you sound like you’re having a conversation with yourself. Even though you’ve figured out new sounds, your favorite thing to do is squeal. One day, you laid on your rug and squealed for twenty minutes straight. I love that you are such a happy guy and hope you’ll always be this way.

One of the funniest things you do is get excited for bedtime. Some nights, you fall asleep when we feed you your bottle, but as soon as we put you in your bed, you’re awake and thrilled to death, squealing in delight that you get to go to bed.

You are a delight buddy. You’re energy is also exhausting, but the delight outweighs that most of the time. I’m so excited for all of the new and exciting things your 7th month has in store!