On December 28, 2010, my grandparents and my great-aunt and great-uncle celebrated their 60th wedding anniversaries.

The twins!

Yup, they had a double wedding!

Even more fun? My grandmother and great-aunt are identical twins!

Our little family didn’t make it down in time for the big, extended family shindig on account of being snowed in, but we still got to spend time with them both.

I wish I could show you pictures of their wedding – the identical brides wore identical dresses and looked seriously fantastic. And the men didn’t look half bad in their suits. I’d always assumed they’d been walked down the aisle together, but I found out this past week that one went down with their father, the other with their brother. They don’t remember who went with whom or who went first.

Honestly, I find living 60 years hard to imagine, much less living with someone else for 60 years. We asked my grandparents what the key to being happily married for 60 years is, and my grandmother said, “we wake up every morning, hug, and say ‘Praise the Lord! Another day with my darling!'”

I think they’ve got something there – have joy for each and every new day you get to spend with your spouse, no matter your circumstances.

Of course, I also think my grandfather’s daily “workouts” and lunches out help. That, and he can’t hear half of what my grandmother says.


Do you know someone who’s been married for longer than you can imagine living? What do they say the key is?