So. Today.

Probably (okay, hands down) the worst day in my parenting career thus far.

My kid fell off the bed. My bed. You know, the one that’s up kind of high? Yeah. That one. And he fell on his face.

Why? How?

Because I was in another room.

And he was on the bed.

The middle of the bed, but evidently he did something he has never done before. Rolled. I left him sitting up, and he apparently got himself onto his back and then proceeded to roll onto his stomach and then back onto his back and then off of the bed and onto his face.

Usually if he’s on his stomach, he just screams until I come and move him. Apparently not today. Today it was time for adventure, and adventure he got.

I did look up symptoms of a concussion, and he has none of them, so yay! (In case you were wondering, symptoms of concussion in babies, and adults I assume, include vomiting, pale color and falling asleep easily.) He does have kind of a red nose and the red spot he always has on his face is slightly redder. It will probably bruise, but oh well.

For Christmas he looks like Rudolph!


My mom said I fell off of a bed when I was about 6 months, and that most babies do (Dr. Spock says if your kid doesn’t fall off of something, you’re being too uptight), so I feel a lot better knowing I’m not alone. And that I fell and turned out pretty much normal. So has your kid fallen of something on your watch? Did you fall off of something as a kid?