As part of his job (the “if I tell you, then I’ll have to kill you part), Hubby gets to spend most of his working hours in windowless, concrete room where he can’t have a cell phone or MP3 player, and where the radio only picks up 2 stations. So, he spends a lot of time listening to radio commercials.

After work one day, he was telling me about a commercial he heard repeatedly for Hoodie-Footie pajamas. These are, essentially baby pajamas with hoods for adults. (No wait! I just saw that they make them for the whole family! Everyone can wear matching footie pajamas!) He told me he had heard that they made a “sleek and sexy” version, and was interested in how one could make footie pajamas sexy. I said something to the tune of, “oh, well Colton’s pajamas look comfy. If I had footie pajamas then my feet would be warm at night!”

Apparently, the husband thought that meant I wanted a pair of Hoodie-Footie pajamas. And recruited Colton to help him pick out the perfect pair for me. He was seriously suprised when I told him, “no, I really don’t want a pair.”

Except these penguin ones look super cozy…

I kid, sort of. Yes, I would consider wearing these. No, I wouldn’t pay $100 for them. I would look completely, totally, and utterly ridiculous, but I would wear them and be warm. Do you think I’ve lost my marbles? Would you wear something like this? Would your husband ever seriously think this would be a great gift for you?