About a month or so ago, I started making my own granola bars. Hubby has a peanut allergy, so there is pretty much only one or two brands of granola bars he can eat that don’t contain any peanut products. I’m particular about my granola bars and like ones that have more protein, which usually translates to peanut products. It also translates to more expensive – I was paying almost 6 dollars for a box of 8 bars that would last one, maybe two weeks. Plus I would have to buy Hubby his brand of granola bars too.

I started using this recipe from Snow White, who also has a peanut allergy, so I was confident my bars wouldn’t kill the hubs. I used raisins (Hubby’s favorite) and semi-sweet chocolate chips since I couldn’t find a reasonably priced dark-chocolate chip at my local store. I also started adding a chocolate protein powder to my bars (one and a half scoops, sprinkled on after you pour the condensed milk) with excellent results – just make sure you mix well or you’ll have dry bars.

They are seriously so, so tasty, and easy to boot. Plus, the cost to make an 11 x 13 pan is probably only slightly more than what it costs to buy Hubby’s favorite brand, and it makes a ton more than what comes in one box. I don’t think I’ll ever buy granola bars again! And, I can make just about any variety I can think of. Next on my list to try? Apple and caramel chip!

Do you make something at home you like better than what you can buy in the store?