Today you are six months old! We had to brave the snow to make it to your check-up today – your half-birthday brought us a good bit of snow and ice. It also meant that Daddy could stay home to help us celebrate.

This, like every month, has been a lot of fun. You are really getting good at sitting up and are starting to prefer sitting and playing on your playmat to laying down to play. You are also much more interactive than you used to be which makes playtime a lot more fun for me.

This month you’ve seen two snowfalls (I don’t think you’re a big fan) and had your first solid food! You’ve eaten sweet potato, banana, squash and peaches. The fruits are definitely your favorites and you open your mouth for them. You will eat your veggies, but I have to get them in your mouth first, and that can prove to be quite challenging some times!

Since before you were born I’ve suspected that you might be a strong-willed child and have a dominate personality. At the pediatrician today, you did NOT want to lay down for one of your oral vaccines. The nurse told me she has never seen a baby as young as you throw a fit quite like you did. Later, you rolled your eyes at her. You’re going to be a very interesting two-year old!

You’re an active little guy! You love to jump in your doorway jumper and will entertain yourself, jumping, for well over an hour. If I put you on the floor, you roll or pull your legs up to your face and turn to your side or kick. You are always moving, even in your sleep! It seems like you get frustrated when you’re on your tummy because you want to move and can’t, so I think crawling isn’t too far in our future.

I love you buddy and can’t wait to spend the next month exploring new foods, new places and new milestones with you!