This week’s DIY Challenge was to Deck the Halls using something you made yourself. I tried my hand at a couple of different projects, with overall mild success.

First off, I wanted to improve a Christmas wreath I received from my Grandmother. It wasn’t as full-looking as I really wanted, and because it had been used for many, many years at her house, the red berries had faded somewhat. I bought a few new berry picks and inserted them in the wreath. Then I pulled out some pinecones (baked to make sure the bugs stay off) and wired them to the wreath as well.

I ended up using a third pinecone, but apparently didn’t think it was worth it to take a picture. Maybe I’ll update this later.

Sticking with my pinecone theme, I glittered a pinecone for my tree. A little spray adhesive, a lot of opaque glitter, some ribbon, and I have a natural, sparkly element for my tree! This was probably the easiest project and the one with the best results this week.

I had high hopes for my final project. I saw a keepsake handprint ornament kit in the Pottery Barn gift catalog and thought, “Pshaw! I can make that!”

Or maybe I can’t.

I made a batch of salt dough, cut out my shapes, requisitioned my husband and baby for handprints and footprints, baked for an hour and had…

…very, very mixed results. I know, some of these look cute, especially that round handprint. But check out the back:

Yeah, not really sure how or why this happened. I thought maybe it was a curse of larger or thicker ornaments, but some larger ones came out fine, and some smaller ones didn’t. Sadness. But, I think I will shellack a few and keep them for my smaller tree of not as pretty homemade ornaments.

Oh well, you win some, you loose some. But, I have not given up hope! I think I need to try another way of making my ornament – any ideas?


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