…are not in my stomach.

But, there ARE two babies in my house at the moment.

A while back, I agreed to be a back-up caregiver for my friend’s baby on Thursdays or Fridays, should one of the children of the woman who normally watches little L be sick. This morning, I was called to duty.

Thankfully, both of the babies are asleep right now, which I honestly was not expecting to happen ever today.

L cried for the majority of the time after her mom left her, and really who can blame her. Different house, different lady, another baby your age – who wouldn’t want to cry and be held? But since Colton tends to cry when other babies cry, I was worried it would be a little dicey. Don’t get me wrong, I think it still will be hard at times today, and frustrating to me because I don’t know how to calm L like I do Colton, but I am oh-so thankful for this unexpected break to blog, address Christmas cards, and just have a little time for myself.

That, and I am very thankful that I only had one baby at a time.