I ordered our Christmas cards! After spending a good bit of time with Hubby looking over all of Shutterfly’s options, picking our favorites, we went with…

….something completely different!

We ending up choosing the Confetti Flowers card (don’t tell the Hubs it’s called that!).

I really did like our other options, but when we finally got a picture we both loved, it didn’t quite work with our favorites. I tried it with Hubby’s favorite card, but it didn’t quite work, and Hubby said he didn’t care for the photo in black and white. So we called an audible and went with a card that worked with our favorite picture, one that looks something like this:

(Not our card picture, but close)

I can’t wait for my cards to come! I recently ordered and received a photo book from Shutterfly, and am very impressed with the quality, so I’m incredibly excited to see these. Thanks Shutterfly, for enabling me to send Christmas cards I love, not just Christmas cards I can afford, this year!