Today you are five months old! Four months was a great age: you saw your first Halloween, learning to sit up, swinging in a “big boy” swing, jumping in your jumper, your first college football game, and learning to roll over. You’ve also been perfecting your scooting, or “head crawl.” You push your head and legs back and scoot – Daddy and I think you’re too funny when you do that.

Of course, the end of this month has also had some challenges – your sleeping habits and schedule needed a big change at the end of your fourth month, but with the help of some friends, I think we finally have a handle on it. For two nights you’ve been sleeping for almost 12 hours, and you’ve taken two good naps each day too. I’ve also dropped you to eating only 4 larger bottles a day, which made me really, really nervous. You’ve taken to it so well though, and I’m so thankful that it seems we’ve found a new routine that seems to work well for you.

You are still one of the happiest babies on the planet. You cry when you’re hungry, of course, but most of the time you just babble and smile and have a great time. You’re social too – you smile at just about anyone who will talk to you when we go out, but you especially love smiling at girls. Your social personality especially comes out when you stay in a nursery setting – you won’t sleep because you don’t want to miss something happening!

Oh, and you STILL won’t roll from your belly to your back if you know I’m around. I’ve seen you do it when you don’t think I’m watching, so I know you can, but when I’m there you just cry and cry until I turn you over. You really are too funny!

Love you bunches little guy!