Last year, we didn’t send a Christmas card. I was pregnant, tired, and just not motivated to wrestle the dog and stage 100 pictures to get a good shot.

But this year, I have a baby. When you have a baby, everyone wants to see new pictures of said baby. So you better believe I’ll be sending Christmas cards this year!

I’ve heard a lot lately about Shutterfly’s holiday cards, mostly on other blogs (because of their blogging promotion), and decided to check them out. The year I got everything together enough to send a card, I created it myself, but I honestly like the designs on Shutterfly more than mine.

Hubby and I went through and looked at all of the options last night, and we found several we both liked.

This one was Hubby’s favorite: simple, but with a little pizazz.

And we were both incredibly charmed by this monogrammed design. Even though I would normally skip this one because of the odd size for mailing and increased postage rate, I really might go for this one. Wouldn’t he be adorable on this card?

Shutterfly also has a reasonable selection of religious cards.

But this sweet card was my favorite.

This was another card we both loved, simple and classic.

I also really liked several of their folded cards, but Hubby wasn’t a huge fan of the designs I liked (I think they were too girly). But, since many of them have a place for pictures on the outside and inside, I thought it would be fun to have an “outtake” photo on the inside. You know, to show off classics like this:

I’m very excited about sending Christmas cards this year – hopefully Colton will cooperate and let us take a fabulous picture for our card!


Want to get in on the fun? Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow à