I’ve been lucky enough to have two friends here who have daughters very close in age to Colton. The little flower is only 6 days younger than him, and she has an older brother who is two. I get lots of advice on toys, how clothing brands run in size, must-haves, and parenting challenges. We have lots of fun with play dates, taking picture after picture or our babies. But, most of all, I have lots of support as I try to raise a child who doesn’t author “How My Parents Screwed Me Up.”

After all, everybody needs some extra support now and then.

(Check it out – I’m in the baby supporting ZONE. )How do your friends support you? Has there been a particular time you’ve felt supported by them?


Also, don’t miss tomorrow’s post – I’ll be hosting my very first blog giveaway, giving out one of my very favorite baby products!