1. Exercise 3 times a week. Not even close.

2. Choose outfits for our family photos!

3. Find a Clemson outfit for Colton.

4. Post a how-to post on making your own burp cloths.

5. Pick a day to drive over to the next town and visit/help a friend.

6. Send a birthday letter to Janeth.

7. Research and select Christmas gifts Colton wants (I’m trying to pick a few things we really want so we end up with things we like and will use, avoid having stuff we can’t use and can’t return, and keep Colton’s things at a reasonable level.)

8. Look over what we spent and determine a workable, itemized budget.

9. Hang our new dining room mirror, post about our “new” dining room furniture.” Half is good, right?

10. Clean off and organize the desk. Getting closer, but still not there.


My October goals were fairly successful, but I think I just lucked out; I didn’t really think about working on them. I want to be more purposeful with my November goals, so here’s what I’ll be working on this next month:

1. Sew two more burp cloths.

2. Find something to fix for Thanksgiving potluck.

3. Take a picture for, order and get ready to mail Christmas cards.

4. Pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

5. Run more often; get through three weeks of Couch to 5 K.

6. Work out a day for my former boss and his wife to watch the babe for a date night.

7. Refrain from buying Colton any more clothes that aren’t a white, long-sleeved polo, size 6 – 9 months.

8. Get Colton’s doorway jumper set up and let him test it out!