One of my new favorite nap time activities (and sometimes non-nap time activity) is making homemade burp cloths. Hubby thinks its crazy I spend time making burp cloths that look “pretty,” but since I use them all the time, I’d rather them not be ugly. Plus, this way, my friends’ burp cloths don’t get mixed up with mine, since all our look different!

As with any sewing project I take on, anyone can make these! If you have basic sewing skills, you can make these.

You’ll need two kinds of fabric, I use a cotton fabric for the top, and terrycloth for the bottom, but you can use anything that’s absorbent. You’ll also need thread to match your fabrics. If you choose terrycloth for your burp cloth, please buy a towel and cut it to size – it’s a lot less expensive than buying terrycloth by the yard.

To start, wash both of your fabrics, and iron the fabric top (you don’t need to iron the terry cloth).

If you’re using a towel, first cut off the bindings. I recommend doing this outside, as this can get quite messy (I tried to get a picture of Glacier covered in green towel sheddings, but she wasn’t having it.).

Next, cut your terrycloth and other fabric to size; I use one of my purchased burp cloths as a guide.

Cut a bit bigger, since you’ll sew right sides together and loose a bit of width.

Line up your towel and top fabric. There’s no real need to pin, and you only need to iron one side of your top fabric.

Sew right sides together, being sure to leave an opening large enough to turn the burp cloth right side out. I find it helpful to repeat to myself “do not sew this closed, do not sew this closed,” when I start sewing the fourth side.

Once you’ve finished sewing, but before you turn the burp cloth right side out, trim any excess. Turn right side out, and pin your opening closed.

Sew the opening closed using a straight stitch, and continue sewing around the burp cloth, as close to the outside as possible.

You can just do this, or sew around the burp cloth again, about a half-inch away from your first line. Or you can sew two lines down the burp cloth, dividing it into thirds, as is traditional on burp cloths.

This time, I sewed two lines around the outside of the cloth, and sewed another line down the middle.

That’s it! You don’t even really have to be able to sew in a straight line to make these, and it’s really a ton of fun to have something unique for your kid. These also make great gifts. My favorite part of these is that you aren’t limited in making them a certain way. Need bigger cloths? Smaller? Round? You can make them however you want with whatever you wan.

Happy sewing!