I found a dress! Already hanging in my closet! And I bought it while I was in college for $11 (or was it $8?)!

Not the best picture of Hubby, but the one that best shows what I look like in the dress.

Colton has decided he likes to hold onto his bottles when he eats. It’s pretty adorable.

Speaking of adorable, Colton managed to somehow sleep through just about the entire first half of the Clemson game. How it was possible, especially since we sat very close to the Georgia Tech band, is beyond me.

He did, however, manage to stay awake for the 25 most exciting seconds in college football – when the Tigers run down the hill!

The hubs surprised me, happily wearing Colton for the lead-up to the game, and throughout the first half. When we registered for the Bjorn, Hubby said he’d wear it, but I thought it would only be for hiking trips. I never would have imagined he would wear it in such a large, public venue!

Colton had a great time with my dad after the game, celebrating a well-deserved Tiger victory. And they both had Clemson hats on!

My brother finally got to meet Colton this weekend! We thought they’d be able to meet sooner, but my brother was unable to get off of work when we were able to come down to South Carolina. But, the nice part about seeing him so much later is that we’ve started to discover how alike Colton and my brother are personality-wise, so it was even more fun to have them together than it would have been if we had managed to get together earlier.

Really, the whole day couldn’t have been more perfect – from our parking spot, our tailgating food, seeing family, a shady spot in the stadium, the wonderfully nice people sitting around us, seeing Colton decked out in his Clemson gear, and a Clemson win – I can’t think of a single thing that would have made the day better.

But back to the wedding! It was held at a beautiful little chapel in a private community on the side of a mountain. The view was gorgeous!

Colton saw the bride process in, and sometime before she was given away, he left to have his diaper changed, never to return. The hubs said he started making unhappy noises while he was changing him, so he was afraid to bring him back in. Plus, Hubby enjoyed having a mini hiking experience with his son.

But the best part for Colton? Sleeping in a giant bed during his very first hotel stay. But, not to worry, he slept in his crib most of the time; when I took this, we had to pack up his bed so we were ready for check-out, but Colton wasn’t ready for his nap to end.