Colton Ray,

Today you are four months old! I think this month is going to be one of my favorites. You have really started showing your personality in the last two weeks of your third month. You’re a happy baby – you squeal with delight (oh boy is it loud!) and have actually started laughing the other night. You were working on that laugh for a long time; you still aren’t great at laughing, sometimes it sounds like a cough, but you are great at expressing when you’re really happy. You aren’t a big crier either, but lately you’ve been crying to let me know if you aren’t happy with what we’re doing.

We spend a lot of our warm afternoons outside on our deck, looking at the trees. You get this great confused/really, really focused look on your face and look all around, checking everything out. It’s one of your favorite things to do! This past month you’ve been working on sitting up, and have started sitting in your booster seat for about 15 minutes at a time. You’ve gotten very good at picking up your toys from the tray on your seat. Oh, and you’ve also started dropping them too; things are about to get interesting around here.

Recently, you’ve become quite attached to your favorite nursery worker, our music minister’s wife, Mrs. Crider. Every time I pick you up, she’s holding you. Apparently, when you were playing on the floor, she went to take care of another baby, and you did not like that one little bit. You want to keep her all to yourself!

I love you buddy, and can’t wait to see what you learn this month, and listen to you perfect your laugh.