• If you don’t read Caroline’s blog, you need to go check out a little preview of the photos she took of our family! I’ll post more once I see all 575 of them and manage to pick a few favorites. ‘Till then, I’ll be obsessively looking at these.
  • Thanks to Emily‘s comment, I rethought what I wanted us to wear. No, these aren’t the only family photos we’ll ever take, but I wanted them to look relatively normal ten to twenty years from now, so I went with less trendy patterns. Plus, when I laid out our clothes, this was the only combo that really clicked for me.
  • Some of you may read Erin’s blog and know she had her sweet little girl recently. If you don’t read her blog, you should head over and tell her congrats!
  • I’ve been busy working on a skin survey thing for Kimberly-Clark (the people who make Huggies). It’s a month long survey, where you detail everything you do to your baby’s skin and what the skin looks like on a given day. It’s interesting, and sort of fun, but time consuming.
  • There’s a house a street up from us for sale (although I saw yesterday that it’s under contract now). When it went on the market, the For Sale sign was accompanied by two lovely No Trespassing signs. Honestly, I can’t believe their agent didn’t force them to take them down and that the house still sold fairly quickly. I might understand a little more if the signs had been up prior to the house going on the market, but they weren’t. Why did they think they were welcoming to buyers? And why did then think they needed them? It’s a quiet, reasonably secluded neighborhood and a dead-end street; its one of my favorite places to walk because I rarely see any cars or people. Strange.
  • Remember a while back when I said Mother Nature returned? Apparently she hadn’t. But now she has. Joy of joys.
  • I felt very thrifty and Laura Ingalls Wilder-like the other day! Colton has a onesie that was pulling apart at the snaps, but I really liked it, and the rest of it was in good shape. So, I cut off the bottom and turned it into a plain shirt. Then, I used the leftover fabric to personalize a burp cloth for him.