Several months ago, in the spring, a friend of ours, J, lost his job. Around the same time, their car was totaled in an accident that left them uninjured, but without a car. J’s wife, L, was pregnant with their second child, and staying home with their little boy. J was able to work a few small, odd jobs from time to time, and they received an old car from L’s father.

But, things were still challenging with limited savings, no job prospects, a young child and another baby on the way. Fortunately, J found a part time job a month or so ago.

Still, things are almost irreparably bad. They are several mortgage payments behind and in danger of loosing their house. This winter, which was especially cold, it was difficult for them to keep up with their electric bill and are now in danger of having their electricity turned off.

That is the bad, the desperate, in this situation.

But there is also so, soo much good.

Our church benevolence fund and a Sunday School class (not ours) will be able to help with about 1/3 of their bills. They have been having yard sales to raise money, and have been given car and trailer loads of things from friends to sell. J has 3 current full-time job prospects.

When another friend sent out an e-mail to ask for financial and prayer support for J and L, another member of the class who recently lost his job and has yet to find a new one, replied and said he would commit to giving them $50.

I wanted to cry.

We all have tight budgets these days. Looking at where Hubby and I are now, there isn’t really any room to give outside of our regular tithe and support of Janeth.

But we have enough.

We have money for food, for our  mortgage, for bills, diapers and clothes for our children. We have health insurance, provided through Hubby’s job.

Yes, we have tight times, but we have enough.

And when when we look closely, we have more than enough.

We have money to help clothe our friend’s children, we have a home we can open to them and food we can share.

We have enough.