I cannot believe it is October. No really. My little flip calendar says its still September 29th. So I still have a day to finish these, right?

1. Get exercise 4 times a week. I did really well until we had a crazy week last week and tons of rain this week. Oh well.

2. Stick to our grocery budget for the month.

3. Record and track our purchases for the month. I did, although Hubby has not yet given me his. Shame Hubby!

4. Write a letter to Janeth. Because I didn’t realize today is the start of October, I am doing this today. And I’m counting it.

5. Lose some weight. Any amount is good. I lost a pound/pound and a half.

6. Take Colton to go meet his SC family, have a fabulous time!

7. Sew some personalized burp cloths, this time made entirely by me, for a friend.

8. Read two books. I think I actually read about four!

9. Have Colton spend a night in his big boy crib, in his, room alone. (Oh my heart, I don’t know if I’m ready for this!) The big man sleeps in his own room every night, and does awesome! He even stayed in his own room when we visited my grandparents!

10. Finish writing Colton’s birth story. Still on the fence if I’ll post it here or not, but I really just want to write it for me.


I’m thinking October is going to be crazy, so I’m going to try to keep this on the lighter side.

1. Excercise 3 times a week.

2. Choose outfits for our family photos!

3. Find a Clemson outfit for Colton.

4. Post a how-to post on making your own burp cloths.

5. Pick a day to drive over to the next town and visit/help a friend.

6. Send a birthday letter to Janeth.

7. Research and select Christmas gifts Colton wants (I’m trying to pick a few things we really want so we end up with things we like and will use, avoid having stuff we can’t use and can’t return, and keep Colton’s things at a reasonable level.)

8. Look over what we spent and determine a workable, itemized budget.

9. Hang our new dining room mirror, post about our “new” dining room furniture.”

10. Clean off and organize the desk.

What about you? Did you have a productive September? Forget it was already October? What do you have planned for next month?