Remember by possessed microwave? The one that caused my pregnancy hormones to run amuck?

It recently had its last hurrah.

We have some friends who have two children, the youngest of whom was born a mere 6 days after Colton. Sadly, they live about an hour from us, but as they go to our church, we do see them about once a week.

A few Sundays ago, we were talking after the service. Our conversation carried us from the worship center, to the children’s building (even though their children attend worship with them), and into the parking lot. We were practically the only two cars in the lot, and since my friend mentioned they were going to Kroger to get some things to eat in the car on the way home, I suggested they just come to our house for leftovers.

We had chips and salsa chicken and salad, enough for four adults and one toddler. Perfect right?

That’s what I thought until Hubby, who was in charge of heating things up, said the microwave wouldn’t work. Thinking it was merely possessed I asked if he had unplugged it. “There’s no point. It, like, won’t turn on or anything.” And then he said something about electrical connections or something I didn’t understand.

What I did understand was that we needed a new microwave.

So, off we went to Target, armed with gift cards we received as gifts for Colton, to get a new microwave. I am now the proud owner of a stainless steel Emerson microwave that can hold our large dinner plates.

And has (yet) to be possessed.