Life has been keeping us busy lately!

I started a Bible Study a few weeks ago, and that really keeps me busy during naptime! The study is of Acts, and is pretty in depth (we’re in our third week, and still in Chapter 2). I’m a fan because most of what we do is interpret the scriptures for ourselves, so we focus on what God says to us. Its neat to hear how other women interpret the same passages and what God says to them. Colton goes to the nursery, which is great, but he falls asleep before I drop him off, and falls back asleep on the way home, so I really don’t see him from 8:30 until 2:30. I miss him!

The church down the street from us had a rummage sale last Friday and Saturday. I went and checked it out Saturday afternoon when everything was half-off. There were slim pickings, but I picked up a milk glass vase and three wooden frames, all with mats, for a total of two bucks. I’m painting the frames white and plan to use them on my family/Colton wall in the living room.

This past Thursday, Colton and I went to a local paint your own pottery place. They do free 4 x 4 tiles for children under one when you purchase another piece. I painted an ABC plate and did Colton’s footprints on his tile. Years ago, at least 10, I saw on TV a woman who’s children had painted a tile for her each year. When she built a house, she used the tiles in her laundry room. I love it, have remembered it, and have always wanted to do that! Thursday, my dream has finally started to take shape!

Also notable on our pottery painting trip, is that it was the site of Colton’s most major meltdown to date. worse even than the dreaded shots.

I took Colton for some photos today, and I think it will turn out well. We did the “standard, classic” shoot, but what baby doesn’t look cute with their head peeping out of a blanket?

Soon, we’ll be gearing up for Colton’s first trip to visit his SC family, and I’m trying to figure out how to bring enough for him but not bring the kitchen sink. It is not easy. Any tips?

I’m working on writing something for an e-mail blast for my dad. Its been a good while since I’ve legitimately wrote something, as in not blogging, so it good get dicey. Especially with limited time. But, at least for one of the mini-articles (there are three), I think I know where I’m going. In the words of Tim Gun, “make it work.”

Colton is enduring countless rolling sessions so he can learn to roll over. It has yet to pay off.

I made lasagna in the crockpot. It has revolutionized my life.