I’ve got the itch.

I don’t know where it came from. Maybe it came on when I saw Kim’s new house and all her projects she’s got going on. Maybe I caught it when I looked at pictures of Caroline pulling down the sandwich shop ceiling in a dress. Or maybe it came on when we finished Colton’s room with no upcoming projects.

Either way, I’ve got the project itch.

Yardsaling didn’t help, looking at potential projects. Neither did spray painting my lamp. Or sewing burp cloths. No, I’ve got an itch and only a big project can scratch it.

So, I came up with some inspiration for our den.

I don’t think I’ve shown you our den, it’s not a very pretty room; mostly the dog sleeps on the ancient, hand-me-down, kind of gross sofa. And we dump a bunch of crap on the desk. But, I long for the room to be comfortable, usable, and pretty. I want it to be a room that centers around family; where Colton can pull out toys, paint pictures, and hang out with friends. Where I can work at a desk, sew, or workout. Maybe we’ll let the dog sleep there. Maybe.

So, off I went in search of inspiration pictures. After all, I’ve got to have a good jumping off point for the space!


I love the chalkboard in this space, and all the storage. And, how cool is the basketball hoop?


I liked the playfulness and casual feeling this moodboard has. Plus, Colton has to have a cute little chair with his name on it! (Dad, did you read that? Great Christmas present right there! LL Bean has them. Your grandson needs one.)


This one is too cute! I think the light, classic feeling this one has goes with the bookcases I already have in the space.


I really liked the balance of neutrals and colors in this space. Plus, the space looks long and skinny like my room, so it gives me some ideas for furniture arrangements.


This image was my ultimate inspiration! The wood color will go perfectly with my bookcases, and I love the “throw everything in and call it organized” bin in the table. Oh, and check out that wallpaper – you can DRAW on it. How cool is that?


But, I must confess, the den won’t be our next project. Right now, Colton takes up about as much space as a dresser drawer, and having another room for him to play in is not on the top of our priority list. Hopefully I’ll have some details on what we hope will be our next big project soon!