So, in Part 1 of this wonderful saga, we learned that my microwave would randomly stop working and flash “6666.” Fun times!

So, this temporary satanic presence occurred multiple times over the next couple of months. It wasn’t a really big deal; usually, we could simply unplug the microwave, leave it a few minutes, and it would work again. At the worst, it only needed to be left unplugged overnight.

Not a big deal until April, 2010. Hubby had left to drive to the next big town over to take his PE (read: big, giant, huge-deal 8 hour test). He had used the microwave before he left without any issue. I, being quite pregnant at the time, was excited to have a night with a bed to myself and the ability to eat a Warm Delight with cool whip in peace.

So, I settled in for a nice night of Bones with a side of Warm Delight. Mixed up the lovely chocolaty mix, set it in the microwave, and cue microwave possession. I tried unplugging the darn thing. Still possessed. Tried again, and nothing. So I did what any rational, very pregnant woman who NEEDED a warm brownie did, I called my husband.

And yelled.

“The microwave won’t work! It’s all your fault!” (In retrospect, I wonder how this could be his fault. At the time, it made perfect sense.) “The ONLY thing I wanted to do was eat a Warm Delight while watching Bones and it’s RUINED! I hate my life! My life is awful! I hate you! Why can’t you fix this microwave!? I’m going to buy a new one. Right. Now. I don’t care that it’s 8:30 at night. I am finding a new microwave and I am spending any amount of money necessary to get it!”

Um yeah. Absolutely the craziest hormone induced rant I had. I didn’t have many, but the ones I had, as you can tell, were doozies.

You will be glad to know, I’m sure, that after a lot of unplugging and plugging and holding down the reset button, I managed to get the microwave to work for the glorious 90 seconds required to cook my warm, gooey brownie.

I did, however, miss the rest of Bones. Rats.