We really, really enjoyed our three day weekend!

Friday night, we drove up to Blacksburg to have dinner with Hubby’s friends from college and their 5 year old and 1 year old. I’ve known their oldest since she was a baby (she was born shortly before Hubby and I started dating), and neither Hubby nor I had seen the 1 year old before, so it was really great to see them. Plus, we got to take Colton to a little shop where he tried on VT hats.

No, I no longer take pictures of myself (unless it’s my arm). My kid is a whole lot better looking than I am. Sorry.

We kicked the three-day weekend off right with a little sleeping in (me), and some waffle making (Hubby and Colton). Can you go wrong with a few extra hours of sleep and some whole wheat waffles?

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We spent the rest of Saturday relaxing: sewing, reading, movie watching, BBQ eating, and baby bathing. The baby got a new hairstyle, thanks to his lotion. Can you see his baby spikes?

Eh, they kind of just look like fluff, but I promise it’s spiky!

Sunday we did more relaxing, eating some seriously tasty Greek-style pitas on the deck for dinner. But Monday took the cake! We took Colton to a local farm team’s final game with some friends of ours who were bringing their daughter to her first game. It was fun, even if it was hot and I didn’t really pay attention to the game. And the babies had fun!

Look at the babies! Not my stomach. Or my hips. Or my thighs. You can look at my ankles though, they look pretty good!

It was “Dollar Monday,” where admission, hot dogs and drinks were all $1. So not only was it fun, it was a pretty inexpensive way to spend Labor Day. Incidentally, this is about the only time I’ll eat a hot dog, but man was it tasty!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!