Welcome! Today I have a special guest post written by my son Colton. Yes, he’s only 11 weeks old, but he’s a very good writer. And, apparently, he actually has a point to his post today, which is more than I can say for myself some days.


Hi ladies! Nice to meet you! Today I want to tell you about making my signature cake: Coltie-Cake! Why is this my signature cake, you ask? Well, it’s the only cake I’ve made so far!

So, if you are making Coltie-Cake, you need the following:

Chocolate Fudge cake mix, water, eggs and oil (as directed by the cake mix), 1 can of butter-cream frosting and some of your favorite cookies. You don’t have to have a baby to make this cake, after all, I wouldn’t like it very much if you ate me, but having a baby around sure makes cooking more fun!

Follow your cake mix’s directions for mixing the cake. Bake your cake in two round cake pans, being sure to check the box for exact time and temperature (I baked mine at 350 for 24 minutes).

While your cake is baking, break up about 5 of your favorite cookies. I ended up keeping the Girl Scout cookies for later and using Oreos in my Coltie-Cake. Once that’s done, pass the remaining time by having a bottle.

Oh, you may also choose to lick the bowl, like my Mama did, but if you’re a baby, I don’t advise it. Salmonella is no fun, and with a little immune system, I just don’t want to go there.

Once your cake is cooked, make sure it is cooled completely! Take a nice nap, snuggle with Mom, and when you come back, your cake should be cooled and ready for icing!

Put some icing on just the top of the bottom layer of your cake, not the sides yet! Then take your crunched up cookies and put them on top of the icing, put the next layer on top, and ice the whole cake.

If you’re a baby, or just haven’t iced a cake in a while, it won’t be look perfect, but we’re going for tasty, not good looking.

Once your cake is finished, wait patiently for your Daddy to come home from work so you can present him with your cake. For an extra-special touch, put your hand print on the cake!

I hope you all had fun reading about my first cake making experience. I sure had fun making it!


Thanks for reading through my not recipe, if you made it this far. Colton and I do a lot of cooking, mostly because now that he’s awake more I don’t really know what to do with him and I have to cook. So he sits in the kitchen with me and I talk to him and have him smell what I’m cooking. He may not have a very developed palate, but hopefully he has good olfactory skills!