My microwave is possessed.

My parents gave us a lovely, white, small microwave after they finished their kitchen renovation. It fit perfectly in our small kitchen, and the price (free!) was perfect.

But, a year into our happy relationship, strange things happened.

One night, we heard the microwave beeping. Beep! *a few seconds pass* Beep! Over and over. There, in the dark kitchen, the microwave was beeping continuously. With every beep it would display another 6. The digital display soon read “6666.”

Okay, that was strange, but we unplugged the microwave, and with a few dying beeps, the “6666” faded to black.

We plugged the microwave back in the next morning and it worked perfectly. We chalked it up to one of the strange things that occasionally happen, and moved on.

A few months later, it happened again. Hubby took it downstairs to his shop and determined that something electrical that I don’t understand needed to be cleaned. Or something like that.

So yay! Fixed microwave!

Or was it?