1. Come up with a cleaning schedule for my stay-at-home self. I didn’t make it myself, but I have one and I’ve been sticking to it!

2. Finish making a present for a friend’s baby shower.

3. Sew a pillow for my couch! Rats.

4. Make a budget and stick to it when I go to the Giant Yard Sale with Sarah and Caroline! I was way, way under. But still got some great finds!

5. Cook at least three meals that didn’t come from my freezer.

6. Do some form of exercise at least twice a week.

7. Successfully stop pumping. This was so easy, it should have never been on here.

8. Make meals for our friends who will have babies this month!


1. Get exercise 4 times a week.

2. Stick to our grocery budget for the month.

3. Record and track our purchases for the month.

4. Write a letter to Janeth.

5. Lose some weight. Any amount is good.

6. Take Colton to go meet his SC family, have a fabulous time!

7. Sew some personalized burp cloths, this time made entirely by me, for a friend.

8. Read two books.

9. Have Colton spend a night in his big boy crib, in his, room alone. (Oh my heart, I don’t know if I’m ready for this!)

10. Finish writing Colton’s birth story. Still on the fence if I’ll post it here or not, but I really just want to write it for me.