You know those moms who say, “isn’t this this the cutest baby in the world? That’s MY baby!” like no one has ever had a baby to compare with the cuteness of theirs? Yeah, they always got on my nerves. I mean, everyone thinks their baby is cute, its just the right thing to do. But I like to think I’m not deluded by my love for my kid to think he’s really the cutest kid to ever walk the face of this earth.

So on that note, check out the cutest picture (so far) of the cutest kid to come out of womb (so far)!

And okay, even I am loathe to call this the cutest picture of him, but it is one of my favorites. My yard sale basket, his hand crocheted blanket and a white onesie make an excellent combination. And I just love how it looks like he’s contemplating some mystery of the universe.

If you read Colton’s blog, you’ve seen this picture already, and I do try to use that as an outlet to share his adorableness, but this one, I just couldn’t resist.

He may not be the world’s most adorable baby, but he’s my baby, and I think he’s pretty darn cute.

And that’s enough for me.