• I thought Colton was trying to start laughing last week. He would make this deep (for a baby) “huh-huh” sound, and it was too funny! Now, he isn’t doing it anymore. Tear.
  • Inspired by my time yard crawling, I painted a lamp we got for free a while ago I never really liked. I was feeling dangerous, so I painted it bright red! I found a linen shade I fell in love with for it, but I think it’s just a tad too short. But I love the shade! Thoughts? 
  • About two weeks ago, I got some info in the mail about a local photographer who would do a free mother-baby and baby sitting that included one print. You just had to be one of the first 16 people to call and set up an appointment. So I did. This is studio photography, and I was really wanting something that was more relaxed and outdoors, but since I was still in a photographer quandary, I figured I had nothing to loose by going with this.
  • Saturday, we went to a cookout celebrating the end of softball season! The family that hosted it is the only family not in our Sunday School class, but they are wonderful! The woman, Nita, invited us in the house and said, “the rules here are that you make yourself at home.” I wish I had that “anything goes I just want to make you feel welcome and comfortable” attitude! Not to mention, she and her husband fixed some fabulous food!
  • I purchased a pattern for a jon-jon for Colton…stay tuned, this could turn into the most royal mess of a project I have ever created! Not to worry, I will be sure to blog, tangled mess of threads and all!