I’ve been getting my craft on.


I received a sewing machine for Christmas, and just fired it at the end of July.

Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed about that, but on the upside, I’ve been making cute burp cloths!

Since we go through like toliet paper around here, I thought at least I could have cute ones. So I made these:

Isn’t that whale adorable? He’s not perfect (I had a hard time sewing around the tail and the stitches don’t line up perfectly), but I love him. Yesterday I made a sun, with little triangle rays, a “C”, and one with Colton’s monogram.

Making the appliques was a pretty simple process, thanks to Google and some Heat n’ Bond. The Heat n’ Bond is really what holds them in place – the stitching just makes them look cuter and ensures that the applique won’t come up after it’s been washed dozens of times.

In fact, the process was so simple and fun, that I decided to make some as gifts! A little girl was born just six days after Colton. Since her parents didn’t find out what they were having, we’re having a “Welcome Baby” party for them. A set of four burp cloths is part of my gift:

I especially love how the “E” turned out! Here they are all ready to be opened:

I know they aren’t perfect, but I love them and think I’ve found my new nap-time hobby. I’ve got a lot of burp cloths to prettify!